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partner# 1 for a better quality of life 

Biomotrix //

Our mission.

Your quality of life is a priority for Biomotrix.

Biomotrix' mission is to develop self-responsibility in providing the Cantley, Gatineau and Hull communities with a quantified analysis of locomotion service as well as services aiming to improve functional autonomy.

'Exercise is medicine!!!'.

We did not invent it. We share that value with the EIMC (Exercise Is Medicine Canada).

Evaluation! It is the key, and it is were you should start.

With the gait evaluation, you will have a better idea of the causes behind certain pains or injuries that you feel when you walk or run.


Experience and professionalism

Assane Niang holds a Ph.D in Clinical Sciences from the University of Sherbrooke.

He is the founder of Biomotrix, a company that is proud to offer you a biomechanical evaluation and analysis of your gait or running.

Our personalized fitness services will allow you to be and remain active in your community


Researchers and physical educators at your service

Our team favors a global approach in the management of walking and running disorders.

With your collaboration, we aim for lasting changes that will make you the captain of your health.

Video //

Joint Replacement

A surgery is for remaining active.


May be you will not be able to move like a pro,

But never stop dreaming!

Our experience...

Sport injuries, fall prevention among elderlies...


Gait disorders following:


       - Cerebral palsy

       - Multiple sclerosis


       - Total knee arthroplasty

       - Parkinson 

Job done for the doctor?

Now move!!!

As far as muscles are concerned...

Use  it or lose it!

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